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Robert A Heinlein To Sail Beyond The Sunset

It was after one o'clock before I left the children; it had taken that long to convince them that I was not angry, that I was on their side, that my only concern was to sec that they did not get hurt - because what they were doing was exceptionally dangerous in all sorts of ways, some of which I was sure they knew but some of which they, may not know about or had at least not thought about.

When I had gone in to see them, I had not grabbed a robe. Instead I had gone in as I was, bare naked, because a fully dressed authority figure such as a parent, walking in on two children caught in delectable flagrente, is all too likely to scare it out of them - cause bladder and bowel to cut loose. But another human as naked and vulnerable as they were themselves simply could not be a ‘cop'. As Father had taught me years earlier, to know which way the frog will jump, you have to put yourself in the frog's place.

They still would not like being caught - they didn't! - but, if I did not catch them in bed together, they would lie about it later if I tried to question them. It is parallel to the old rule about puppies: if you don't catch a puppy at it, it is useless to bring the matter up later.

So I tapped and asked to come in, and waited.

A suppressed gasp, oz-video.ru then dead silence -

I waited a while longer, then counted ten chimpanzees and tapped again. ‘Donald! Priscilla! Please! May I come in? '

There was a whispered conference, then Donald's strong, manly baritone called out - and cracked. ‘Come in - Mother. '

I opened the door. There were no lights on, but there was moonlight and my eyes were adjusted to the low light level. They were in bed together, sheet pulled up, and Donald was simultaneously protecting his sister against all dangers with his strong right arm around her while pretending hard that she was not there at all and that he was just waiting for a streetcar - and my heart went out to him.

The room reeked of sex - male musk, female musk, fresh ejaculate, sweat. I am expert in the odours of sex, with many years of wide experience. Had I not known better I would have judged that this was the site of a six-person orgy.

I must add that some of the odour came from me. Perhaps it is perverse that I should be sexually excited by catching my son and daughter in the most scandalous of all sex offences. But volition does not enter into it. For the moment I recognised those squeaks and deduced what and who, I bad been flowing. If King Kong had wandered by, he would have found me a push-over. Paul Revere I would have pulled from his horse.

But I ignored my state, reminding myself that they could not possibly smell me. ‘Hello, dears! Is there room in the middle for me? '

Silence, then they moved apart. I went quickly to them before they could change their minds, pushed down the sheet, crawled over Donald, got between them on my back, snaked my right arm under Priscilla's neck, reached for Donald. ‘have a shoulder pillow, Donald. Turn toward me, dear. '

He did so, stiffly, then remained tense. I said nothing and cuddled both my children, breathed deeply and tried to slow my heart. It began to work, and my youngsters seemed to relax somewhat, too.

Presently I said softly, ‘How sweet to have both my darlings in bed with me, ' and gave them each a quick squeeze and relaxed still holding them.

Priscilla said timidly, ‘Mama, you're not mad at us? '

‘Mad at you? Heavens, no! I'm worried about your welfare. But not angry. I love you, dear. Love you both. '

‘Oh. I'm glad you're not mad. ' Then curiosity got her. ‘How did you catch us? I was very careful. I listened at your door, made sure you were asleep before I snuck in here and woke Donnie. '

‘I probably wouldn't have noticed anything if I hadn't been drinking lemonade before going to bed. I woke up, dear, and had to pee. That wall on Donald's side of the bed is a wall of my bathroom. Sound goes right through it. So I heard you. ' I hugged her to me. ‘It sounded like a dandy! '

Brief silence - ‘It was. '

‘I believe you. There is nothing, just nothing, as good as a gut-wrenching orgasm when you really need one. And you seemed to need that one. I heard you thank Donald. '

‘Uh. .. he deserved thanks. '

‘And smart of you to tell him so. Priscilla, there is nothing a man likes more than to be appreciated for his lovemaking. So keep it up all your life; it will make both you and your love happy. Mark my words. Remember them. '

‘I'll remember. '

Donald apparently had trouble believing what he was hearing. ‘Mother? Do I have this straight? You don't mind what we were doing? '

‘Tell me what you were doing. '

‘Uh - We were screwing! ' He said it defiantly.

‘"Screwing" is something dogs do. You were loving, you were making love to Priscilla. Or, if you like long medical words, you mo were copulated and engaging in coition to climax. .. which is like describing a gorgeous sunset in wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. You were loving her, dear, and Priscilla is lovable. She was a lovable baby and she is even more lovable as a grown woman. '

I decided that now was the time to grasp the nettle, so I went on, ‘Loving is sweet and good. Just the same, I'm extremely worried about you two. I suppose you both realise that the society around us strongly disapproves of what you were doing, has severe, cruel laws against it, and would punish you both horribly if they caught you. Priscilla, they would take you away from Donald and me, and put you in a home for delinquent girls, and you would hate every minute of it. Donald, if you were lucky, they might try you as a legal infant and do to you something like they would do to Priscilla - reform school until you are twenty-one, then registration and supervision as a sex offender. Or they might decide to try you as an adult - statutory rape and incest, and about twenty years at hard labour and then supervision the rest of your life. Do you know that, dear ones? '

Priscilla did not answer; she was crying. Donald said gruffly, ‘Yes, we know that. '

‘Well? What's the answer? '

‘But, Mother, we love each other. Priss loves me and I love Priss. '

‘I know you do and I respect your love. But you didn't answer me; you avoided answering. What is the answer to your problem? '

He took a deep breath, let it out in a long sigh. ‘I guess we've got to quit. '

I patted bis ribs. ‘Donald, you are a gallant knight and I'm proud of you. But now I must ask a frank question. When you started masturbating, did you ever swear off? Resolve never to do it again? '

‘Uh, yes. '

‘How long did you stay stopped? '

He answered sheepishly, ‘About a day and a half. '